Ancient Viking Iron Battle Battle Axe 800 - 100 AD.Professional cleaning and preservation.Hand Carved Custom Handle in Viking Style.Comes with Certificate of Authenticity.Axe Head Weight: 531 gr, 1.17 lbAxe Head Size: 15.2 cm, 6" x 9 cm, 3.54"Handle Weight: 243 gr, 8.55 ozHandle Length: 25.5"Found near Dnipro, Ukraine. Kievan Rus.Included FREE acrylic stand.Hand Forged Display Mounts IS NOT INCLUDED, but are available for any axe:
Battle axes are particularly associated in Western popular imagination with the Vikings.Certainly, Scandinavian foot soldiers and maritime marauders employed them as a stock weapon during their heyday, which extended from the beginning of the 8th century to the end of the 11th century. They produced several varieties, including specialized throwing axes (see francisca) and "bearded" axes or "skeggox" (so named for their trailing lower blade edge which increased cleaving power and could be used to catch the edge of an opponent's shield and pull it down, leaving the shield-bearer vulnerable to a follow-up blow).Viking axes were wielded with one hand or two, depending on the length of the plain wooden haft. (See entry for Viking Age arms and armor.)