I would like to present an extremely rare neolithic "Alien" figurine made from jasper, found in Mexico, Jalisco, in the Cerro Del Toro. Authentic guaranty.  This figurine belongs to an ancient unknown culture, which was discovered relatively recently and which was in contact with extraterrestrials. Very good antique condition. Head was accidentally broken during excavation and reattached later. Size - 140 mm.About all these discovery you can read in Dr. Pablo Sanchez's book "Aztlan y Los Aztecas", 2016. I purchased this ring during my trip to Mexico from a local man who told me that he himself found this item in one of the ancient burials.  Some enthusiastic are studying the artifacts of this unusual neolithic culture. See, for example, the website "www.elhistoria.ru". Completed laboratory tests show the age of these items 7-9 thousand years.Since I need to raise funds for my project, I have to sell part of my advanced collection of ancient items. I believe that all my items put up for sale are genuine. Each of them I examined in addition, based on known analogs and with the research tools available to me. Delivery in the US is free.