This Cinemate 20 film conversion unit is designed to easily convert and transfer both 
"Silent" 8mm. & Super 8mm. film formats in real time playback, while obtaining quality 
results.  Consequently,  not only can it be utilized for  personal purposes, but is also 
commonly used for professional & commercial film conversion applications.

     It has an adjustable speed control that eliminates or reduces annoying flicker that 
commonly occurs when the frame rate of the original film dramatically differs 
with the frame rate of the camera that's being used to capture the film images.   

    Another nice feature is that routine maintenance (replacement bulbs and belts) is very low
cost with  parts easily available on-line or at hardware stores (Lowes) or auto parts stores. 

      The unit is very easy to use; however, specific instruction tips/recommendations can still 
be found on-line. Just "Google" "Cinemate 20."