Adcom GFA-1A 200w Amplifier. Condition is Used.

If you want to crank some tunes here is a solid 200 watt Adcom GFA-1A amplifier. This isn’t for technical soft listening, it is best really for rocking out. This isn’t a dead quiet amp. Depending on the speakers efficiency, there is a light shh that is inaudible when playing music. On our garage VMPS supertowers it’s hard to hear, but on our custom horn speakers it isn’t. I’ve had 3 of these and they all have been like that. Fortunately the switchable cooling fan is about the same volume!

If I haven’t scared you away yet...

This is a cool vintage piece, similar to the carver cube amp. It was hooked up all winter and left on for multiple days on end. No issues. There is a possibility it’s due for a recap but it’s been solid for us. I freaked my kids out blasting Tool before changing the setup...

Lights work, fan button works, original cord. No dents. Just a good workhorse amp.

Sold as is shown.

Heavy for size... Shipping $30