Please read before buying or bidding.Due to people trying to use tubes for 2 to 3 months and then return them all my tubes will be sold as is for parts.If you have any problem with a tube or tubes I am a honest seller and let me know I will make it wright guaranteed  within 7 days of receiving them!!!! If there is ever a problem do not open a case in ebay just email me I will make it wright now we got that out of the way.I have 6  nice excellent general electric  3 mica black plate 5751 tubes.These tube teste 51-44  36-42  37-37  41-40  43-48   44-41 where minim good is 32 and new tubes test 48 to 50 my tv7 tube tester. SORRY NO SHIPPING TO INDONESIA OR MAINLAND CHINA TOO MANY LOST PACKAGES AND PROBLEMS WITH CUSTOMS.