-100% new and high quality.
-Provides excellent continuous power sources to your device.
-High energy density, long life battery.
-Over temperature and over current protection.
-Short-circuit protection & Environment friendly.

Product name: BT905 Battery
Chemistry: Ni-CD
Size: Approx. 50x42x14mm/1.97"x1.65"x0.55"
Voltage: 3.6V
Battery capacity: 600mAh
Weight:56g(1PCS BT905 Battery)

Conpatible with:

  • This battery can also replace the following models,just press "Ctrl+F"to find the type you may need.
    Again & Again STB-114, STB114, STB-505, STB505, STB-961, STB961
    AT&T 200, 24032, 250, 4126, 450, 740, 750
    Bell South TL6154, TL-6154
    Casio BT905, BT-905, CP1218, CP-1218, CP1240, CP-1240
    Cicero CT205, CT-205, CT206, CT-206
    Citizen 2001, 2005
    Cobra 213-021-N-001, 213021N001, CP-9105, CP9105, CP250S, CP-250S, CP310, CP-310, CP320, CP-320
    Dantona BATT-14, BATT14
    GE (GENERAL ELECTRIC) 25830GE3, 26920GE1, 26936GE2, 26938, 26939GE2, 26992GE1, 29445, BT-15, BT15, GE-TL26144, GETL26144, GE-TL26154, GETL26154, TL26154, TL-26154, TL96154, TL-96154 GESanyo PCF02M
    Gemini TA245
    Jasco TL96154, TL-96154
    Lenmar CBC305, CBC-305, CBC318, CBC-318
    Northwestern Bell 255, 32011, Excursion

    P-P501, PP501, P-P501A, PP501A, P-P501PA, PP501PA, P-P504, PP504, P-P508, PP508, P-P508A, PP508A, P-P510, PP510, P-P510A, PP510A, PQP60AAF3G2, PQP60AAF3G2, PQP85AA3A, Type 1, Type1, BATT-3AAB, BATT3AAB, HHR-P505, HHRP505, HHR-P505A, HHRP505A, HHR-P505A1B, HHRP505A1B, HHR-P505PA, HHRP505PA, KX-9766XB, KX9766XB, KX-A36, KXA36, KX-FPC165, KXFPC165, KX-FPC166, KXFPC166, KX-T2105, KXT2105, KX-T210B, KXT210B, KX-T3815, KXT3815, KX-T3825, KXT3825, KX-T3831, KXT3831, KX-T3835, KXT3835, KX-T3842, KXT3842, KX-T3845, KXT3845, KX-T3880, KXT3880, KX-T3880R, KXT3880R, KX-T3900, KXT3900, KX-T3900R, KXT3900R, KX-T800, KXT800, KX-T815, KXT815, KX-TA38, KXTA38, KX-TAM240-B, KXTAM240-B, KXTAM240B, KX-TC1400, KXTC1400, KX-TC1401B, KXTC1401B, KX-TC1401W, KXTC1401W, KX-TC1402, KXTC1402, KX-TC1405, KXTC1405, KX-TC1408, KXTC1408, KX-TC1416B, KXTC1416B, KX-TC1431W, KXTC1431W, KX-TC1447, KXTC1447, KX-TC1450, KXTC1450, KX-TC1451B, KXTC1451B, KX-TC1460B, KXTC1460B, KX-TC1460W, KXTC1460W, KX-TC1481B, KXTC1481B, KX-TC1484, KXTC1484, KX-TC1484B, KXTC1484B, KX-TC1486, KXTC1486, KX-TC1486B, KXTC1486B, KX-TC1493, KXTC1493, KX-TC1493B, KXTC1493B, KX-TC1493WH, KXTC1493WH, KX-TC1500, KXTC1500, KX-TC1501B, KXTC1501B, KX-TC1501W, KXTC1501W, KX-TC1503, KXTC1503, KX-TC1503B, KXTC1503B, KX-TC1503W, KXTC1503W, KX-TC1700, KXTC1700, KX-TC1701, KXTC1701, KX-TC1701B, KXTC1701B, KX-TC1703, KXTC1703, KX-TC1703B, KXTC1703B, KX-TC1703W, KXTC1703W, KX-TC1710, KXTC1710, KX-TC1711B, KXTC1711B, KX-TC1713, KXTC1713, KX-TC1713B, KXTC1713B, KX-TC1720B, KXTC1720B, KX-TC1721, KXTC1721, KX-TC1721B, KXTC1721B, KX-TC1723, KXTC1723, KX-TC1723B, KXTC1723B, KX-TC1731B, KXTC1731B, KX-TC1733, KXTC1733, KX-TC1733B, KXTC1733B, KX-TC1740, KXTC1740, KX-TC1740B, KXTC1740B, KX-TC1741B, KXTC1741B, KX-TC1743, KXTC1743, KX-TC1743B, KXTC1743B , KX-TC1743C, KXTC1743C, KX-TC1743S, KXTC1743S, KX-TC1743W, KXTC1743W, KX-TC1750B, KXTC1750B, KX-TC1800, KXTC1800, KX-TC1801, KXTC1801, KX-TC1801B, KXTC1801B, KX-TC1811B, KXTC1811B, KX-TC1831, KXTC1831, KX-TC1831B, KXTC1831B, KX-TC1831W, KXTC1831W, KX-TC1850B, KXTC1850B, KX-TC1851, KXTC1851, KX-TC1851B, KXTC1851B, KX-TC1851C, KXTC1851C, KX-TC1861B, KXTC1861B, KX-TC1866B, KXTC1866B, KX-TC1870B, KXTC1870B, KX-TC1871, KXTC1871, KX-TC1871B, KXTC1871B, KX-TC1881B, KXTC1881B, KX-TC1886B, KXTC1886B, KX-TC1890B, KXTC1890B, KX-TC1891B, KXTC1891B, KX-TC901, KXTC901, KX-TC904, KXTC904, KX-TC907, KXTC907, KX-TC911, KXTC911, KX-TC917HSB, KXTC917HSB, KX-TC933, KXTC933, KX-TC934B, KXTC934B, KX-TC935, KXTC935, KX-TC943, KXTC943, KX-TC955RUB, KXTC955RUB, KX-TC9568XB, KXTC9568XB, KX-TC956RUB, KXTC956RUB, KX-TC9768XB, KXTC9768XB, KX-TC976RUB, KXTC976RUB, KX-TCM939, KXTCM939, KX-TCM943, KXTCM943, KX-TCM944B, KXTCM944B, KX-TCM947, KXTCM947, KX-TG1743, KXTG1743, KX-TG200, KXTG200, KX-TG200B, KXTG200B, KX-TG200C, KXTG200C, KX-TG210, KXTG210, KX-TG210B, KXTG210B, KX-TG240, KXTG240, KX-TG2401, KXTG2401, KX-TG2401B, KXTG2401B, KX-TG2401B-S, KXTG2401B-S, KX-TG2401S, KXTG2401S, KX-TG2403, KXTG2403, KX-TG2403B, KXTG2403B, KX-TG2451, KXTG2451, KX-TG2451B, KXTG2451B, KX-TG2451B-S, KXTG2451B-S, KX-TG2451S, KXTG2451S, KX-TG2481, KXTG2481, KX-TG2481B, KXTG2481B, KX-TG2481B-S, KXTG2481B-S, KX-TG2481S, KXTG2481S, KX-TG2551, KXTG2551, KX-TG2553, KXTG2553, KX-TG2553B, KXTG2553B, KX-TG2553B-S-F, KXTG2553B-S-F, KX-TG2553CS, KXTG2553CS, KX-TG2553F, KXTG2553F, KX-TG2553S, KXTG2553S, KX-TG2563, KXTG2563, KX-TG2563B, KXTG2563B, KX-TG2563B-S-W-F, KXTG2563B-S-W-F, KX-TG2563F, KXTG2563F, KX-TG2563S, KXTG2563S, KX-TG2563W, KXTG2563W, KX-TG2564, KXTG2564, KX-TG2564-S, KXTG2564-S, KXTG2564S, KX-TG2564S, KXTG2564S, KX-TG2583, KXTG2583, KX-TG2583B, KXTG2583B, KX-TG2583B-S-W, KXTG2583B-S-W, KX-TG2583S, KXTG2583S, KX-TG2583W, KXTG2583W, KX-TG2584, KXTG2584, KX-TG2584-S, KXTG2584-S, KXTG2584S, KX-TG2584S, KXTG2584S, KX-TG2593, KXTG2593, KX-TG2593B, KXTG2593B, KX-TGM240, KXTGM240, VA 7020, VA7020

    Radio Shack
    23-193, 23193, 23-193, 23193, 43-0681, 430681, 43-0683, 430683, 43-0684, 430684, 43-0685, 430685, 43-0686, 430686, 43-0687, 430687, 43-0688, 430688, 43-0725, 430725, 43-0726, 430726, 43-0729, 430729, 43-0734, 430734, 43-0749, 430749, 43-0776, 430776, 43-0794, 430794, 43-0797, 430797, 43-1086, 431086, 43-1087, 431087, 43-1088, 431088, 43-1090, 431090, 43-1095, 431095, 43-1096, 431096, 43-1099, 431099, 43-1102, 431102, 43-1103, 431103, 43-1104, 431104, 43-1107, 431107, 43-1108, 431108, 43-1109, 431109, 43-1111, 431111, 43-1112, 431112, 43-1114, 431114, 43-1117, 431117, 43-1118, 431118, 43-1122, 431122, 43-1123, 431123, 43-1124, 431124, 43-1125, 431125, 43-1126, 431126, 43-1128, 431128, 43-1129, 431129, 43-1130, 431130, 43-1702, 431702, 43-1703, 431703, 43-1704, 431704, 43-3501, 433501, 43-3511, 433511, 43-3512, 433512, 43-3513, 433513, 43-3514, 433514, 43-3515, 433515, 43-3516, 433516, 43-3530, 433530, 43-3531, 433531, 43-3532, 433532, 43-3535, 433535, 43-3536, 433536, 43-3537, 433537, 43-3544, 433544, 43-3545, 433545, 43-3546, 433546, 43-3548, 433548, 43-3549, 433549, 43-3556, 433556, 43-3557, 433557, 43-3558, 433558, 43-3576, 433576, 43-3577, 433577, 43-3578, 433578, 43-3585, 433585, 43-3595, 433595, 43-3701, 433701, 43-3805, 433805, 43-3806, 433806, 43-3807, 433807, 43-3810, 433810, 43-3812, 433812, 43-3813, 433813, 43-3814, 433814, 43-3817, 433817, 43-3818, 433818, 43-3820, 433820, 43-3821, 433821, 43-3823, 433823, 43-3824, 433824, 43-3827, 433827, 43-3849, 433849, 43-3850, 433850, 43-3856, 433856, 43-3857, 433857, 43-3870, 433870, 43-5518, 435518, 43-5519, 435519, 43-5520, 435520, 43-5521, 435521, 43-5522, 435522, 43-5526, 435526, 43-5527, 435527, 43-5530, 435530, 43-5550, 435550, 43-5820, 435820, 43-5830, 435830, 43-5850, 435850, 43-5851, 435851, 43-681, 43681, 43-683, 43683, 43-684, 43684, 43-685, 43685, 43-686, 43686, 43-687, 43687, 43-688, 43688, 43-725, 43725, 43-726, 43726, 43-729, 43729, 43-734, 43734, 43-749, 43749, 43-776, 43776, 43-794, 43794, 43-797, 43797, 43-8006, 438006, 43-8013, 438013, 43-8535, 438535, 43-8545, 438545, CS00025 , CS90223, ET-918, ET918, ET-1102, ET1102, ET-1103, ET1103, ET-1104, ET1104, ET-1107, ET1107, ET-1108, ET1108, ET-1109, ET1109, ET-1111, ET1111, ET-1112, ET1112, ET-1114, ET1114, ET-1118, ET1118, ET-1122, ET1122, ET-1123, ET1123, ET-1124, ET1124, ET-1125, ET1125, ET-1126, ET1126, ET-3501, ET3501, ET-3512, ET3512, ET-3513, ET3513, ET-3514, ET3514, ET-3516, ET3516, ET-3530, ET3530, ET-3556, ET3556, ET-3815, ET3815, ET-3818, ET3818, ET-681, ET681, ET-683, ET683, ET-684, ET684, ET-686, ET686, ET-687, ET687, ET-688, ET688, ET-916, ET916, ET-917, ET917, ET-918, ET918, ET-920, ET920, ET-925, ET925, ET-926, ET926, ET-929, ET929, GP 60AAK3BMS, GP60AAK3BMS, SP-521, SP521, SP-5519, SP5519, SP-5521, SP5521, SPPA700, SPPER1 , TAD-1017, TAD1017, TAD-1130, TAD1130, TAD-1702, TAD1702, TAD-1703, TAD1703, TAD-3806, TAD3806, TAD-3807, TAD3807, TAD-3810, TAD3810, TAD-3812, TAD3812, TAD-3813, TAD3813, TAD-3814, TAD3814, TAD-3820, TAD3820, TAD-681, TAD681, TAD-682, TAD682, TAD-685, TAD685, TAD-686, TAD686, TAD-725, TAD725, TAD-726, TAD726, TAD-729, TAD729, TAD-732, TAD732, TAD-734, TAD734, TAD-749, TAD749, TAD-794, TAD794, TAD-797, TAD797, UBATN0004AWZZ
    RCA BT-15, BT15
    Recoton T101, T 101, T121, T 121
    Sharp CL200, CL-200, UBATNO128AWZZ

    Sony BP-T18, BPT18, BP-T24, BPT24, SPP-933, SPP933, SPP-934, SPP934, SPP-977, SPP977, SPP-A1050, SPPA1050, SPP-A1070, SPPA1070, SPP-A1075, SPPA1075, SPP-A2480, SPPA2480, SPP-A900, SPPA900, SPP-A9276, SPPA9276, SPP-A9278, SPPA9278, SPP-A946, SPPA946, SPP-A948, SPPA948, SPP-A957, SPPA957, SPP-A967, SPPA967, SPP-A968, SPPA968, SPP-D900, SPPD900, SPP-ER1, SPPER1, SPP-ER101, SPPER101, SPP-ID990, SPPID990, SPP-N1020, SPPN1020, SPP-N1025, SPPN1025, SPP-N933, SPPN933, SPP-S2430, SPPS2430, SPP-S9226, SPPS9226, SPP-SS950, SPPSS950, SPP-SS951, SPPSS951, SPP-SS955, SPPSS955, SPP-SS960, SPPSS960, SPP-SS961, SPPSS961, SPP-SS965, SPPSS965, SPP-SS966, SPPSS966, SPP-SS967, SPPSS967
    Southwestern Bell (SWB) S60505, 560505
    Sprint 89326
    Toshiba TRB-8000, TRB8000, FD-4809, FD4809, FD-9839, FD9839, FD-9859, FD9859, FD-9859BK, FD9859BK, FT-8006A, FT8006A, FT-8009, FT8009, FT-8009BK, FT8009BK, FT-8259, FT8259, FT-8259BK, FT8259BK, FT-8507BK, FT8507BK, FT-8509, FT8509, FT-8809, FT8809, FT-8859, FT8859, FT-8859BK, FT8859BK, FT-8906, FT8906, FT-8906A-BK, FT8906ABK, FT-8906BK, FT8906BK, FT-8939, FT8939, FT-8939BK, FT8939BK, FT-8959, FT8959, FT-8959BK , FT8959BK, FT-8981, FT8981, FT-8989, FT8989, FT-8989BK, FT8989BK, RC004931, SG1700, SG1701,

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    Wabi 900-00001-00, 9000000100

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