• PROFESSIONAL GLASS BOTTLE CUTTER KIT: plus comes with sandpaper to sand edges smooth enough for drinking, direction sheet & instructional video with secret video on how to cut bottles the best way for perfection!
  • PERFECT CUTS EVERY TIME: prevent annoying bottle cracks and cut perfectly on the score line. Not many people know this, but the secret is our high quality, sharp cutting blade. Made of the hardest diamond-carbide, the blade lasts longer than most on the market and produces smoother cuts.
  • SOLID CONSTRUCTION- HIGH QUALITY & VALUE: does not bend while turning bottles to ensure consistent scores that are essential for perfect cuts. Our cutter is made of all premium, quality supplies important for success. Don't have regrets with slightly cheaper cutters that many say is a waste of money. We offer a 90 days money back guarantee.
  • CUTTING LENGTH FOR ALL BOTTLES: adjustable to cut the very bottom of the bottle up to the start of the bottleneck. Cuts thick and thin bottles. Cuts skinny beer bottles, regular wine bottles and large wine jugs by adjusting the cutter blade.
  • QUICK & EASY TO USE: 1) Roll adjusted bottle around once with consistent pressure on blade; 2) apply heat to score line with boiling water, hot air or candle flame, then cold water while pulling to separate; 3) Sand edges smoother.

The Upcycle EZ-Cut professional bottle cutter was created to make a better wine and beer bottle cutting experience. Our glass bottle cutting kit is designed to increase the success rate of perfect cuts without the frustration that other brands cause. The stand features a beautiful wood base with high gripping rubber feet to prevent sliding, 5 sturdy rollers, a long-lasting cutter blade, an adjustable back brace which can be flipped around for short or long cuts, and sandpaper to make perfectly smooth edges.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee:

Upcycle EZ-CUT offers a 90 days money back guarantee.

Quick & Easy to Use with 3 Steps:
1) Adjust & Score Bottle Once
2) Apply Heat, Then Cold Water to Separate Easily
3) Sand Edges Smooth

Premium, High Value Glass Cutters
Our goal is to provide the best product for a lower price tag. They always say get the right tool for the job. Spending slightly more is the difference between success and failure. This is the right cutter to cut bottles perfectly!

Upcycle Fun & Be Crafty

  • Lose the guilt of throwing glass bottles away because they don't have to go to waste. Say goodbye to going the recycling center.
  • You'll actually enjoy upcycling bottles by cutting them easily with our machine.
  • Turn trash into valuables such as candles, decorative vases, bottle art, candle stick holders, cups, flower pots, pencil holders, jars, etc.
  • You'll feel great being a resourceful and green conscious person as you make gifts, home decorations, or sell them!

1 Bottle Cutter Tool
1 Blade
5 Rollers
1 Back-brace with knob screw
2 Sandpaper
1 Quick guide on how to cut bottles the best way