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5 Piece Complete Adult Drum Set Cymbals Full Size Kit w/ Stool & Sticks Black

Product description:

Perfect drum set for beginners and experienced player. It is a complete full size drum kit what comes with everything a drummer needs to play. The set with cymbals and throne is a fully functional drum set designed who want the most realistic experience at a favorable price.


Premium material made it looks perfect profile

High-grade drums set for music instrument percussion

Sturdy shells in black finished

5 pieces of drum set

Set up easily

SKU: 52700040

Product Size: 22''x16'' / 16''x16'' /14''x5.5'' / 13''x11'' / 12’’x10’’

Package Content:

Drum sets

All the accessories are included

We provide installation CD and YouTube address, When you placed the order and received it, we will send the installation video on YouTube address to your email address.

Once informed of your requests or orders, we will ship targeted items in due time from one of our four warehouses(Houston; Chicago; New Jersey; Los Angeles) after calculating your distance and our actual item quantity.

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