Quality HO Scale RTR 40' Reefers & Boxcars Variation Listing - $9.95 Each

Quality HO Scale RTR 40' Reefers & Boxcars Variation Listing - $9.95 Each

This is a variation listing-  Price is for ONE car  - you make your choices through the drop down menu. When a pictured  item is sold it will not show or be selectable from the menu.

This lot contains assorted 40' Boxcars & Reefers. These all came from a collector and layout operator. There are no "toy" quality cars hers, but rather nice quality assembled cars, ready to run. All have Kadee couplers unless noted. Some are nicely and realistically weathered. Some may need to be cleaned up, but all are in very good condition.

 There are Athearn, Atlas, Intermountain Kits, Red Caboose Kits, Accurail, Bowser and other name brands here. I identified those that I could. 


A = Athearn

ACC = Accurail

B = Bowser

W = Weathered

You'd normally pay $15-30 for these when boxed and new.

Please note, I inspect these to make sure they are not missing parts, but occasionally I may miss a small detail such as grab rails, steps, etc.  - parts can also come loose in shipping no matter how well these are packed, so you may have to become a "model" railroader and attach them. The price of these reflects any small issues. Again, most do not have any problems at all unless mentioned.

These do not have original boxes, but will be properly wrapped and boxed. 

I cannot provide any more pictures due to time constraints. 

Shipping can be combined by Ebay will do so automatically- if not I will adjust shipping. 


Variation Listing- These items are all of the same type. Markings, road numbers, or road names may be different. Group pictures show the actual items you will receive.

Key to abbreviations: ATH- Athearn  ACC - Accurail  W- Weathered LW - Light Weathering HW-Heavy Weathering U- Unknown Brand

B-Bowser M- Missing a small part-see notes

Price is for one car- select your choices from the drop down menu